Cardboard Craving

This will eventually be a space where I can gather my thoughts on cardboard boxes and how sexy they are, including dating tips and social faux pas.

Nah, playin'.

This is for boardgames. I enjoy analog gaming as much as I enjoy the digital version, maybe more(!!!), and I haves me some thoughts. Like everyone on the internet, it is my intent to broadcast those thoughts as loudly as possible, even if nobody is listening.

It may take me some time to get anything like real content here, so please be patient.

Okay, thanks, bye!

... mmm, them cardboard boxes though...

What? You're still here? Um... nothing! Here, look at this nice photo of the final board position of a two-player game of Cities:Skylines the Board Game by Kosmos with a final score of 34 if I read the scoreboard correctly (not pictured here), putting us solidly into "Showcase City" territory, a real win for the first time for us.

Final board position in Cities:Skylines the Board Game from Kosmos. We won for the first time.
Me apparently flipping off the photographer (I wasn't, I was pointing!) explaining my loss in Under Falling Skies.

Finger of Doom!

This would be me pointing at my impending death, Death-Star-laser-operator-style. It may be hard to determine from this photo, but the mothership is about to drop to the skull icon and end me.