Cartridge Craving

I play video games. I've played video games since Mom and Dad presented us with an Atari 2600 sometime before the mountains had formed and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth. All I really remember, because it was easily the best game we had, was Combat. My brother kicked my butt at basically every game and mode, but I owned at Combat's Tank Pong.

Among other things, I will be posting the lovely videos and GIF animations that are produced by Zachtronics titles. That's a lovely little feature I think more games should stea­... er, be inspired by. It probably works best specifically for the open-ended puzzle genre, pretty niche, but for that genre it works really, really well. The loopability (that's a word now) of the kinds of mechanisms you are making means a solid GIF animation is possible, among other things.

I will also use this space to collect my thoughts on games, both good and bad, and maybe post what might pass for a guide or something in the future.

Atari 2600

Shared to the Public Domain by Evan-Amos.