Zachtronics Zing

Zachtronics is a computer game company that makes not only really good open-ended puzzle games, but also includes the ability to produce a a little GIF or movie clip of your solutions as part of the game design, itself. Not only are they excellent entertainment, they have this feature that makes sharing your creations as simple as clicking a button and the animation is generated and placed on your desktop. It's amazing.

All of the Zachtronics games also tend to have a subgame that's part of the experience. Opus Magnum has Sigmar's Garden, for instance, pictured here. This particular subgame even comes with it's own sidequest storyline.

In this section I will be sharing my animations from my solutions to the puzzles presented in the programs produced by Zachtronics. There are many like them, but these are mine.

Content warning: Moving pictures, blinky bits, spoilers